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Welcome to the Central Virginia Anime Club

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Welcome to the Central Virginia Anime Club

Post by Darken5 on Sat Jun 25, 2011 6:15 am

Hi all, me (Darken5) and a friend of mine got this weird idea in our head to create an anime club for Central Virginia. Seeing that the only other big anime clubs are well over 2 hours away. This should be a good stomping ground for those of us closer to Richmond, Petersburg, Chester, Hopewell, and other nearby cities and counties. This is still an up and coming idea. I made this forum to see if anyone was interested in being part of an anime club in this area and we can go from there. If this begins to take off then I'll probably host "Anime Watching" parties, and maybe have a booth at nearby Conventions and such. Go to Anime and Japanese culture related events. Etc. The list of what we "CAN" do grows with the amount of members we get in the area and what everyone wants out of an anime club.

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